Sunday, July 24, 2016

Tea Time Traveler's Notebook

I've been participating in One Book July this month. One Book July is the challenge to use only one book for planning and journaling, as well as one pen. It was created 3 years ago by Rhomany's Realm,  Carie Harling, & Miss Vicky Bee. Here's their Facebook Group, Coffee & Planner Addicts Club.

I decided to join, but I knew that my beloved Bible-dori was too small!  So I made a new traveler's notebook:

I designed this in Publisher and got the beautiful teapot and tea cup from The Graphics Fairy.  I printed it out and then took it to Office Max to colour copy onto Kraft-Tex.

I painted the inside covers to look tea stained, and I used Mum's favourite tea cup to make the tea rings. I used Garden Tea Party scrapbook paper to make the pockets on the front and back inside covers.

I kinda went a little crazy with the charms:

Then I modified them:

The tag of Mum we put on all the P.G. Tips tea packets for Mum's memorial.

Unfortunately, this was too small to hold all the inserts, so I made a second Tea Time Traveler's Notebook & made the spine twice as wide at 2 inches. I forgot to mention on the video that I made the spine using a piece of cardboard from a Borax box. :-)  And here it is:
Tea pot charm on left . The heart & paw charms are from Michael's,
and the fake British coin of Queen Elizabeth is from JoAnn's. 
 I have 8 inserts, along with a two-year calendar. The first is the Daily:

I plan each day, the night before, a day on a page. I do a mind map for the week on Sunday on an index card, and a month on a larger index card (not pictured):

The second is an Errands insert (not pictured) and the third is a Quotes insert:
This is the last week of June when I was going to use a brown Papermate Inkjoy as my one pen, but
switched to blue before I moved to a Coleto before I FINALLY settled on a black, Papermate Inkjoy. Whew!

Goals insert:


2-year calendar:
That's a black, Papermate Inkjoy pen that I got at the Dollar Tree.

Last insert, projects insert:

Back of notebook with pocket:

 Here are my journals:
From top to bottom:
Quotes, Gratitude, Dunhill-dori, Dog journal, Seminar notes journal, Reading journal, Morning
Pages, Projects notebook, and 2016 Labyrinth planner. Not pictured is my work planner.
The Morning Pages journal comes from The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron.

My regular journal, the Dunhill-dori:

Piccadilly notebooks from Barnes & Noble.

A New Purpose for My Bible-dori!  I was so inspired watching Ali Brown's video on her traveler's notebook wallet. So here it is:

The first thing is my Travelon Safe ID Credit Card Wallet. It prevents criminals from stealing your credit / debit card information, as well as driver's license, passport, security key information or hotel key information. 

Check registers and pocket space for receipts.
 Expense tracker:

Awesome leather wallet to house my other cards.

That's a Coleto pen, with different coloured cartridges.

And that's it!

HAPPY One Book July!  :-)

Here's my video show and tell:

SOME people will say it's too long and blathery. [smirk] I did do 3 other short videos for my "tight 5" that all ended up blurry, so in the end, I just posted this.  Also, watching this back, I'm astonished at how many times I say, "UM."  I don't do that with Magnolia May, go figure.  

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