Friday, September 16, 2016

New Traveler's Notebook!

It all started with the Cure. I didn't see them on their recent summer tour, here in the U.S. In fact, I've not seen them since 1985. And I kind of lost touch with them somewhere in the '90's when I got married and turned into a soccer mom. Well, step-mom. I think the last CD I bought was Wish  & then I got Greatest Hits so I'd have In Between Days on CD. This is just blather to a non-fan.

I got curious about the tour and so went on YouTube and watched a bunch of concert footage. Good times. And then heard their later songs that I wasn't familiar with. I also hadn't seen a lot of the official videos, either. I've always loved the song Mint Car, but until last week, had never seen the video. So even tho I've been a longtime fan, I've missed a couple decades and am catching up. It's like being a new fan all over again.  :-)  So here's the official Mint Car video:

Then I decided to see if there were any live performances & found an appearance on David Letterman in 1996, who introduces them as the masters of Mope Rock." Jackass. Here's the video:

I love the death glare look:

Another look of disdain after shaking hands:

So! To celebrate my renewed Curish curiosity, I decided to create a new traveler's notebook based on Mint Car.  

Screen shot on inside cover that I printed on card stock &
turned into a pocket. I matched the colour to the sunrise.
I printed out the sunrise as the cover for my Daily insert. 
 That smudgey-glop is from Hannah Banana whose nose you can see below in the upper right hand corner:
"I'm sorry, Hannah. Did my notebook get in the way of your slobber?"
I mind map my a day on a page:

Back of Daily insert, next to Goals insert:

Back pocket is another screen shot from the video; Robert Smith all geeked out:
De Colores!  That will make sense to any Cursillistas out there. 
Here's a new Magnolia May DeSolay video of a flip-thru:

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