Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mum's B-day Vizzie

A coupla weeks ago, Mum had planned on popping over on my actual birthday. Before it snowed. So she came over 3 days later. My road was fairly clear until my driveway. Neighbor Dave was away, so there was no plowing til he got back. Mum tried to drive up, but after the second churning of the hill, she parked down below & walked up. She had stopped by the local flower shop to pick up my birthday flowers because they couldn't get down my road to deliver them before.

She was also lugging up an industrial blender & some b-day prezzies from chiro-sister. So we walked up to the house:

Did I do the horizon right?  2/3rds sky!
Here are a few shots of the flowers:

I always think of Van Gogh when I see these flowers.
Carnations; Mum's favourite.  :-)

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