Monday, March 12, 2018

Magnolia May's Guide to Junk Journaling

Magnolia May DeSolay gives her take on Junk Journaling. There will most likely need to be a Part 2!

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Baby Pix

She came to me with the name Brandine; Brandy for short. I've called her Baby, short for Baby Goat Antelope, Adorable Darling Sweetheart Beagle Girl Brandy.  See? Shorter to call her Baby. And she is. When she's not anteloping around the house, she's snuggled up.

Under my desk with and assortment of toys, including a paper plate from the recycling.

Reggie didn't usually go on the Meditation Chair, but here he is with Baby:


After a bag of dog food is finished, I let the dogs play with the bag:

With Buddy outside:

Winston Churchill.

My favourite pix are of her and Buddy curled up on the Meditation Chair:
Buddy on left, Baby on right.

Look at Buddy's little tongue sticking out.  Awww . . . .


With Tabby Bobcat:

And in the bedroom:
Zzzzzz . . . .

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Planner for Chiro-Sis

"Puffins!"  my sister exclaimed. When she saw this bird watching notebook, I knew I would be making it her new planner! Loyal readers of this blog may remember the planner I made out of a potato chip bag for her for 2017. This was a bit easier!

Here's the front cover:
I put a blank label thingie over the title, so she can write whatever she wants.

    You'll notice I do the Travelers Notebook elastics.


    Loyal readers of this blog will remember the post I did on the Waterlogue app that transforms photographs into watercolour pictures. Now you can see all the finished puffin pictures incorporated.

    First insert is an 8" X 11.5" picture with Tyvek backing, painted brown:

    A coupla quotes from Joe Dispenza and Bruce Lipton:

    Weekly spread on 2 pages:

    Puffin pix from Pixabay:

    I put a surprise Rowan pocket in her notebook:

    I made a Gratitude journal for her with another photo from Pixabay, Waterlogued:
    Mum loved penguins, so I thought she'd appreciate this wintery picture in lieu of  the usual Xmas graphics.
    Scroll down to the end of this post for a free graphic to make your own December Daily Gratitude Journal.

    One of my (many) favourite quotes from John Morgan:

    This came to me in a meditation . . . on gratitude.  :-)

    Monthly calendar from the Dollar Tree:

    Another Waterlogued Pixabay puffin, turned into a pocket:

    Back pocket, which I reinforced with Tyvek:

    Back of book:

    Here's the card I included:

    Tea (of course)!

    Here's a video flip-thru:

    Here's the December Daily Gratitude graphic:
    Just right-click to save.  :-)