Wednesday, April 20, 2011

M&M Monday

When there's no food or water involved, Maggie is very sweet with Tabby. Tabby jumps up on the bench and purrs & rubs up against the dogs.

The girls have been all excited to sniff around the back porch. I went out one night and Tabby was mow-ing louder and more than usual. There was an opossum in her cat house. So the next day when the dogs came out, they were sniffing all around.



*sniff*  (That's Millie).
Speaking of Millie, she managed to slide onto the slippery part of the floor, under the side table. 


"You could put down that camera & help me out of here." (I did, of course).
We've had a tremendous amount of rain, so here's our policy:

You may notice Tabby's paw off to the left, doing just that.  ;-)

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