Wednesday, October 12, 2011

At the Beach

Monday, Chiro-sis & I took baby Rowan to VA Beach for the day. We actually went down to go see Braco, the gazing guy. But that's another story for another day. While Ruth was getting her gazing, I took Rowan onto the beach. He was in no rush to get down to the water. So I just watched him as he discovered everything he could about sand.

Like it's fun to roll in.

See?  SO much fun!
Then he found a plastic bottle cap:

Pouring fun.
And of course . . . 

he had to taste it.
Not so tasty, but surprisingly mildish reaction.
We finally made our way closer to the water . . . 

Chiro-sis joins us.
This is the first thing I do whenever I get onto the beach:

An homage to Dave Dobson & the years of beach walks together.

"And then the water retreats & begins to look like a lace table cloth."

Rowan taking over someone's sand castle. 


Then it was time to throw sand.

And get completely drenched.

Mama retrieves him from the ocean.

Time to say goodbye.  :-)

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