Monday, February 27, 2012

Maggie on Monday

We had a snowy preview on last Monday's post from the snow that started on Sunday. Here's what it looked like Monday morning:

Heading down the ramp.

Mmmm . . . snow. So snowy . . . . 

Hello Sweetie.

I had a pop-in from the Mormons on Thursday to look at a fallen tree down by the lake on my property. This Saturday, Elder Chainsaw is coming to chop it up.  Maggie was on the front porch, but as I was walking back up to the back yard, she had followed us!

Elder Huckzinger with Tabby. 

Maggie settled in.

Flying cat! Elder Huckzinger was demonstrating how his dad used to wake him up in the morning with their cat. Tabby Bobcat was not amused!

Maggie with Elder Huckzinger & Elder New Guy--can't remember his name. Bumper? Something ending with an -er. POUNDER!  That's it.  From Utah. 
Here are a few different times of Maggie & Tabby on the porch. They really are so sweet together!

Some sort of action happening over at Neighbor Thomas's. 


Another time:

For the most part, Tabby stays inside. But she does like to hunt in the woods. So Maggie will go outside just to watch her. Here's Tabby back inside, so Maggie comes to the door:

And jumps up out of the way.

And sits. Like the Sphinx. 
Yesterday I was clearing out my massage room. It's been a storage room since I moved, but I'll be doing massage in between John Morgan Seminars seasons, so I started to get organized. Maggie of course managed to come in and plop down as soon as there was space!

Love this sweet girl.

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