Saturday, May 12, 2012

Estate Sale

Last weekend Chiro-sis & I stopped by an estate sale in the neighborhood. Of course I fell in love. Look at this looooooong driveway!

Reminds me of the River House.

The house was not for sale & I didn't get a pic of the front, but here's the back:


Little guest cottage. So sweet!

Entrance to back yard.

Dobson Frog!

Nephew Ro coming into the garden . . . 

And finding the ONE puddle!
He LOVES to jump!
Go frolic!

And back out again.

I know. Why am I posting pix from some random house I'll prolly never go to again?  I dunno. I love my little house on the little lake, but heading up that driveway made me a little misty for the River House. It was so quiet and secluded off a busy road. Just a sweet little house with lots of trees.  :-)  Plus, of course, pix of my nephew!

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