Monday, August 19, 2013

Bingo & Tabby

Heading out on our walk:

Bingo leaves Tabby to scritchy-scratch.
 Then Tabby settles into some good driveway dirt:

See this beautiful butterfly?

Bingo is oblivious. But Tabby is not!

My beautiful purple flower-weeds . . . 
. . . are turning into this:

Across the road in the morning, the cows graze:

The calf is getting big! His name is Coco but I call him HowNow (as in "how now, brown cow"). 
Sometimes I want to go across the road & say hello to them, but I don't want Tabby to cross the road with us. But the cows look up and acknowledge us when we walk up the driveway. They're used to us. We got a new neighbor across the street, bordering the cow field. The partying 20-somethings left. And a guy came out with a little chi-wow-wow type dog and was walking it, smoking a cigarette. The cows looked over at him, and then looked over at me as if to say, "New guy." 
And then down to the lake we go:
I want to point out that the green stuff along the edge of the water is not algae, it's lily pads.
 Look!  The leaves are turning:

I think Bingo was watching some kids across the lake play.
 Every once in a while, she gets tangled up:

I let her go wherever she wants, so recently she decided to explore along the little creek:
As she trotted down there, a frog jumped into the water.

 Found this:
What is it about creeks that people chuck tires along side?  *SIGH*

Another leaf turning.

Across the lake. Again, those are lily pads! 

And back up the trail we go.  :-)

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