Monday, February 3, 2014

Doggie Monday

We've had warms days and snowy days. So this post is a snow sandwich; warm, bare days on either side of snow. Ready? Here we go!

The bird feeder is a source of entertainment for Reggie. 
 But REALLY what he's after is this:
Squirrel feeder, so they'll leave some food for the birds! Initially I screwed it on the railing, but I looked out to see Reggie gnawing on it. 'member all that rain we had? Yeah. I dismantled it, all gooey. I put it up higher so that Reggie couldn't get to it. 
 And then this:
Here's Bingo hanging out on the porch:

So distinguished. This is her "Bingo for President" look.

Reggie coming to say hullo. Hullo. A bit muddy!



 Reggie comes back:



 Bingo sunning herself:

Soliciting belly rubs.


Bat girl!



This was so funny. Reggie found this old cup under the deck. I looked out the window to see him doing the death shake that dogs do. You know the kind; where they shake their heads, clutching whatever it is in their mouths. Like my shoe. Anyway, here he is:

Come on, Bingo! Let's play!

And then he trotted off behind the deck for more privacy. 

 Non-Snowy Part Again

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