Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Distressed Chic Sparrow

I got this London Fog Chic Sparrow from a Facebook Chic Sparrow Buy, Sell, Trade group.  I was a bit too fast in buying it because I've always wanted a Chic Sparrow, and it was "London Fog" and-and-and!  It's beautiful and the craftsmanship is impeccable. But . . . it's grey and I'm not such a fan.

Then I saw a video where someone distressed their notebook. Then I saw another one by Elena Bedner who gave a bit more of the How To. That was the inspiration to take the plunge and distress my Chic Sparrow.

I got the Tim Holtz stencil & then I used some of my Noodler's black ink on a Q-Tip. And here it is:

That bottom ink splat is very special:
I printed out the Goulet Pens logo and then traced over it with a
Sharpie pen onto freezer paper. Then I cut it out & voila: a stencil.
Here's the whole thing:

If you look carefully on the lower right corner, you can see the name of the gal I bought it from:

Inside, I didn't do too much. I did an initial ink test on the pen loop & I stamped a tea cup on the secretary pocket:

And there you have it.  I'm still not glued to it and I've offered to sell it to another Jessica in the FB group who was interested, so I'm giving her first refusal. If she doesn't buy it, I'll post it on the group for $65. If you see it here and are interested, you can leave a comment below. You'll need PayPal, tho. 

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