Monday, November 20, 2017

Fallish Pix Down My Driveway

We've had our first frost (and second and  third)!  Before that, I took a few pix with my phone.  Here's my favourite Juniper tree:

I know that this will not be interesting to anyone but me, but I love my Juniper tree.

And a few Juniper berries:

I'm not sure if these are previous berries that have sprouted, but I always walk around to the postbox:

Woodland bouquet of dried flowers:

Oak leaves:

Reddish dogwood leaves:

One of Juniper's offspring:

And another in the middle of 4 tulip poplars growing together:

I don't know what this bush is, but it's BEAUTIFUL in all seasons!

It will soon be  turning a bright yellow:

To the side of my house:

Reggie at the gate:

Other side of the house, overlooking the labyrinth:

DELICIOUS days!  :-)

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