Saturday, January 20, 2007

Designs for Dave :-)

I thought I'd feature my T-shirt designs for Dave Dobson here since he couldn't read the attachments I sent via email. It all started because when I was at his Funshop last May, he suggested that we ask the locals directions for the casino. There is no casino. For further fun, we could say that it was near a gravel pit...apparently there's been an island debate about what to DO with the old gravel pit...which incidentally is on the other side of Dave's fence. I think of Dave everytime I see gravel...or frogs...or dandelions.... & certain words like "conundrum" or phrases like, "I wonder what would happen if...." :-) He's having another FUNshop in June, so if you get curious you can find out more at cyasoon, Dave.

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