Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Labyrinth Seminar at Yoga East

The January labyrinth walk at Yoga East was WONDERFUL! THANKS to all who attended, especially my friends Vicky-from-NY & Dee. After enjoying such un-winter, Global-warming weather, it rained when it was time to set up the labyrinth outside the studio in the parking lot. So on to Plan B: paint a canvas for a walk inside. However, to fit my Cretan labyrinth on the the 11X14 canvas would not have allowed everyone to walk at the same time. On to Plan C: Create a new labyrinth that was still a single path that didn't require retracing footsteps to get out. I'd seen a Scandanavian/Baltic labyrinth apparently used by fishermen illustrated at Robert Ferre's site www.labyrinth-enterprises.com So I created a labyrinth based on that model, except this one is blocky-looking.
One of the participants was Sandra who has founded an organization to help the plight of Monarch butterflies. Apparently, illegal deforestization in Mexico is destroying their habitat at a rate that is going to put them on the extinction list. Her website: www.themonarcheffect.org
She was heading off to Mexico the day after the seminar & mentioned that she wanted to put a labyrinth on the (flat roof) of her house & suggested I could design a butterfly labyrinth.
Well. I did it! It's AWESOME & my contribution to saving the butterflies. As soon as she copyrights/trademarks it, I'll post a photo of it.
Out of the problem of not being able to have the labyrinth walk outside, came the opportunity to create something even better. Not only was a new labyrinth born out of this, but I have since gone on to create a few more free-flow labyrinths with double entrance/exits. AND out of all that has come "Personal Labyrinths." There are companies offering huge canvas labyrinths for churches & hospitals, but I'm going to create hand-painted, custom-designed, one-of-a-kind labyrinths. Stay tuned.... :-) H.
P.S. Some people have asked me what music I played before & during the seminar. It was Mike Zampi's The Chesapeake Bay: Reflections of Beauty which is v. appropriate because Kent Island is on the Chesapeake where Yoga East is. BEAUTIFUL music for meditation, yoga, etc. You can get his CD at www.cdbaby.com which is where I have my CD for sale as well.

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