Monday, June 25, 2007

Dial-up, Laundry, & the Wilderness

I am settled in to my new place on the Shenandoah River. I am 14 miles and half an hour away from the nearest town of Luray. Now I know the true meaning of a "country mile." I am literally the last person in Page County. It's just across from where my mother lives, and where my father took us fishing when we were kids. Lots of happy memories and I am de-Lighted to be in the wilderness. I am definitely a country gal--I'm even hanging up laundry on the line.
There is wild life all around my yard: rabbits, bambis, wild turkeys with their chicks, & foxes. And allegedly bears--altho I've not seen any yet. And ticks the size of freckles--Eeeewww!

When I called to get high speed/wireless/etc. the lady just laughed. So I'm stuck in the 20th century with dial-up for the time being. Chug...chug...chug....and I have successfully failed at uploading any pictures--v. frustrating for a visual gal. So I will do all photos from the internet cafe in Luray--which is closed this week for a vacation. I spoze I could sit on their steps & tippy-tap away...but I'll wait. I have an awesome photo of the road to my postbox that goes with the David Whyte poem. That will have to wait.

Anyway, don't know how exciting my blog will be as I'm transitioning through this time...will aspire to keep it entertaining, if only for Mum. :-)

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