Saturday, July 5, 2008


It's rainy and drippy and wet. Great day to read or watch a movie. Or clean. Hahaha Yeah, THAT'S happening. Last night Mum & I watched John Morgan's Weight Loss DVD. Yes, I, professional hypnotherapist fell asleeeeep during John's induction. Good stuff. Then we watched Law & Order reruns.

Mum is reading a book and she just asked me if I knew what penumbra means. Growing up, I went to a v. academic school. W.O.D. stands for Word of the Day. Alas, this was not one of the words I learned, or even learnt. Here's the sentence:

They were all attractive women but they all seemed pallid in Susan's penumbra.

Susan has some sort of fancy architectural feature in her house? Is there bad lighting? What?

: the partly shaded region around the shadow of an opaque body, esp. that around the total shadow of the moon or earth in an eclipse.

Ohhhh...So there's my W.O.D. Like I said, it's raining outside. I must remember to take a penumbra. Hahaha

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