Friday, October 1, 2010

Quote of the Day

Beautiful tea cup from the Graphics Fairy. And quote from one of my favourite authors. I've been writing this blog for almost 4 years and have started to categorize and create pages. I've been updating my quotes page and I came across the above quote. I had slapped this quote up on March 12, 2008. But out of all the quotes I've posted, I couldn't tell you the dates of any of them. Except this one on a morning that was uneventful and ordinary. When I was updating my Favourite Quotes page, and I came across this quote, it brought back the day that I had been so nonchalant in posting. This was the day that Remi died so suddenly, without warning. So I needed to do something to diffuse the grief that was still lingering. A pretty tea cup makes it better.

My sweet Remi.

 Sunrise with Remi.  :-)

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