Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Tree Hugger Chiro-sister

I'm in the process of writing a book based on my blog. So I've been going thru past blogposts. I've got some good stuff on here. I think, "Wow. That's really good . . . I wrote that?!" Every once in a while, someone stumbles onto my blog, thanks to doing the Googley Thing. Anyway, I don't often get a lot of comments, even tho I know I have a few faithful readers. I had one such pop-by last year & I was curious so I popped over to her sweet blog, The Happy Tree. Makes me smile. Anyway, she had a post of feeling a bit disconnected so I was going to write about accepting the season you're in, blah blah blah. But my prayer was that I write what she needed to hear, not what I wanted to say. And this poem is what came thru:  

You are never alone.
The whole world embraces you:
The sun smiles on your face
The wind kisses your cheek
and whispers hello
The earth says, "I'm here," every time you take a step.
The trees sway and dance with you in the breeze
The stars are there to remind you of the Light 
when you're in darkness.
Separation is in the mind.
Step into your heart
Do your art
and you find


Whispers of Joy said...

Hey there sweet Hali.. so glad you have decided to write a book based on your blogs!! What ever gave you that idea!!

Love the poem...

Hali Chambers said...

Hey there, JOYous!
A little birdie WHISPERED it to me. Or perhaps it was a crow. ;-) Thanks for your kind words & for your inspiration! :-) H.