Thursday, March 17, 2011

HAPPY St. Patrick's Day!

I'm  reposting [a.k.a. recycled hairwash day] a labyrinth design I did a few years ago, "Labyrinth o' Luck," based on a 4-leaf clover. Below is a template for the labyrinth:

There are a couple variations. The first one I did on cardstock and used graphite paper to trace the image. Then I applied the dimensional paint (I use Scribbles). I mod-podged a real 4-leaf clover in the center. I used a gloss varnish for the finger path, and then used gold sparkle paint around the labyrinth. Then I glued it to the cover of a journal.

My favourite way of creating finger labyrinths is to use regular copy transparency sheets (for an overhead projector). I put the labyrinth template underneath and trace over with the dimensional paint. It dries in a few hours. Then you can apply that to a note book, journal, etc.
On this one, I painted the cover of the journal with acrylic paints, and then put the labyrinth on top when it dried. I used a metalic marker for writing.

This is my favourite! Glow-in-the-dark dimensional paint, great fun at night. Also, the dimensional part adds a nice kinesthetic feel to tracing the labyrinth with your finger. You could also close your eyes for a different experience. This one is on a transparency sheet and I put it over a pretty piece of shimmery paper I got from Michael's. I've also used wallpaper to cover notebooks, steno pads, etc. and then the transparency sheet goes right on top.

Luck = preparation + opportunity

P.S. Here's a link from Barbara Martin, with some lovely ideas for creating a Lucky Labyrinth garden. Go see. And thanks, Barbara! :-)

P.P.S. Irish saying: May those who love us, love us. May those that don’t love us, may God turn their hearts; And if he doesn’t turn their hearts, may he turn their ankles so we’ll know them by their limping.  


James Cowley said...

Has anyone made a walkable version of this labyrinth? I would like to try, if you don't mind me copying it.
- Reta

Hali Chambers, Labyrinth Gal said...

Hi Reta!
No, I've not made a walkable version of this, but you are welcome to make one. Please send photos & I'll do a blog post for you, as well! :-) H.