Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mum & a Few Pix

Those who know Mum will not be surprised to see this:

Whatcha doin', Mum?  
Oh, just breaking up this concrete slab.
As you do.

A coupla months back I painted most of my kitchen, but stopped at the fridge. I couldn't move it by myself & it was a good stopping point. The fridge has been out in the middle of the kitchen waiting to finish getting the water system installed, so this was the perfect opportunity to get behind there and whip on some paint: 

What's this, you ask? 

LOVE you, Mum!

And in other news, last night's dinner at Chez-Chiro-sis:

Nephew RoRo is learning to cut his food PROPERLY. 

But then he put down knife & fork to eat with his fingers. Hahahaha
 After dinner, backyard vizzie:

And of course, I found a 4-leaf clover, but wasn't sure if it counted:

Leaves trimmed by a lawn mower. Chiro-sis remarked, "NOT so lucky, are you?"  Hahahaha


Whispers of Joy said...

LOVE this one, Hali.. the behind the refrigerator letter is priceless!!

Hali Chambers said...

Thanks, Joy! Got a laugh out of Water Guy Don, who is here right now installing the RO system. :-)