Monday, September 24, 2012

Bingo's Week

The days are getting shorter now. Here's a view of an early evening walk:

Looking across the lake.
This is so cute; Bingo likes to trot along this concrete part along this fence:

It stops at a driveway and then picks up again on the other side & she goes back:

Continuing on our walk:
See that lump up ahead? I'm thinking, Please just be a lump of grass. Please just be a lump of grass and not road kill. Luckily it was a lump of leaves.
New moon:

I've stayed on top of the whole flea situation. Lots of vacuuming, laundry & I gave Bingo another bath. This was the third bath I've ever given her, but she has figured it out!  She heard the bath water going and she knows it's for her! I called her and she would come. So this is what I see:

I finally plied her off the bed with treats; luring her into the bathroom. And then I feed her throughout the bath. Poor thing--she's not a fan, but she's v. obedient and lets me wash her down. And she's all fluffy and clean. So then we went over to Brother Atlasta's:

Nephew Hugh takes Bingo for a walk in the yard. 
Back in the kitchen:
Mmmmm . . . peanut butter!


Marlene LOVES Bingo!

I'm sure Bingo doesn't really like the pretzel hug, but she's really sweet with M. 

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