Friday, February 15, 2013

A Valentine Rescue

I got an email from Mari (foster mom for Maggie & Millie) about a rescue happening today by A Forever Home Rescue Foundation. Mari says this about them:

This is a very reputable rescue embarking on a needed rescue effort that can bankrupt a rescue. But, this is a desperate situation and they are stepping up. Thank goodness. Please support them as much as you can and crosspost this widely. 

Here are the details of the rescue:

A Forever Home Rescue Foundation ( is rescuing 50 small dogs (Maltese) this weekend.  This just came up a few hours ago and we are mobilizing right now to get these dogs.  I will be leaving tomorrow at 6:00 am to go get them in one of our vans.  I will be back in Virginia tomorrow night.

You rarely see me ask for donations for the rescue I volunteer with, but this is an exception.  We just rescued a bunch of dogs from a backyard breeder in Virginia that will cost us tens of thousands of dollars.  Normally, the new rescue effort wouldn't be a problem, but coming right behind another expensive rescue, it is necessary for us to reach out and ask for donations.

If you can help, please visit and donate online or send a check to:
 A Forever Home Rescue Foundation, PO Box 222801, Chantilly, VA  20153.  Please mark your donation "Valentine Maltese".

Unfortunately, we cannot identify where or who the dogs are coming from right now.  It would jeopardize the rescue effort.  As a matter of fact, it would shut it down and the dogs would be killed at a shelter.

If you are able to donate, please do so asap.

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