Monday, October 14, 2013

Bingo & Tabby Inside

We had rain-rain-rain this week. And when it wasn't raining, it was drizzling. And when it wasn't drizzling, it was spitting. And when it wasn't spitting--well, you get the idea. Various forms of water falling out of the sky. I like an atom of hydrogen with a couple atoms of oxygen as much as the next guy. And I have a point in all this and that is that I didn't take my camera out all week. So we have indoorsy pix this week.

In the office, Tabby in the "Cat House" as nephew Rowan calls it. He was all curled up, but as soon as I get down to his level, he starts coming toward me for pets. 
 In the living room:
My new rug. I'm going to recover Bingo's dog bed to be more complementary to the decor.

Bingo was on the other bed, because Tabby was on this one.

Stretching.  :-)

Hullo. Better pic of the rug. 

Bingo gets her bed back!

Belly rubs!

My dog Barkley used to sleep like this. 

Bob with a typical cat look of superiority & slight disdain.

 Monday morning:

We were walking up the driveway when Bingo spotted a leafy branch that she sniffed and then piddled on. Then as she was walking away, her foot was caught on the branch and she was dragging it along as she walked. I thought, "This must be the doggy equivalent of walking out of the bathroom with toilet paper stuck to the bottom of your shoe." 

Bingo will be going to the Wilton Hilton this week and I will be going to England with Mum & Atlasta. I don't know if I'll be blogging from there or not. We'll see!  

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