Monday, March 3, 2014

Doggie Monday

After a bit of a doggie-blog-type break, we're back!
Reggie at the back door: Hullo.
 Every day at 4 o'clock, Bingo trots to this spot:
Feed me.
 I looked out my office window and saw this:
Reggie on the back porch with his new toy. 
 I got this for him and put it in his crate. And then I would see it chucked out of his crate. And I'd think, maybe it got caught on his foot as he was coming out. So I put it back in. And out it would be on the floor the next morning. So I thought maybe he didn't like it. And then one day, it was in the yard. I went outside to take a photo and Reggie jetted down the stairs:
If you looked in my yard right now, it looks like clumps of snow, but it's Reggie's disemboweled toys!
 But he came back:

 And took his toy down to the grass:

Bingo says hullo. She doesn't share Reggie's fascination with toys.

Bingo settles in to one of her spots:
Looking in to the woods for deer.

 And then he joins Bingo:

But then . . . 

Off again with the toy. 

Reggie on the back porch.

He still hesitates at the back door.

The next morning:
They LOVE romping in the snow!

In the meantime:
This. Squirrel eating BIRD food, not SQUIRREL food.

Bingo pose. She stops in mid-walk when something gets her attention & stays like that.


Gratuitous shot of back yard.

Bingo on the trail of something.

Going under the deck.
 Under the deck is another source of entertainment for them. There's a few random things under there like an old cooler and some plastic party cups. I'm not crawling under there! Now I don't have to. Reggie brings stuff out and strews it all over the yard! Lawnmower Ben has his work cut out for him this spring!
And back to snow eating:

The black blob with grey background says hullo.
Here's the same photo doctored up:

And then it's back to eating snow:

Reggie with a chunk.

Bingo takes her chunk down the stairs.

"Hey! Where ya goin' Bingo?"

Down here to eat snow.
I like to watch the dogs out the window:

One of Reggie's spots.

Then he hears the camera:

Another spot:

Sometimes it's just too cold to leave the door open! And then this:

Another view out the window:
Sunning on the back porch.
 Later on, there's excitement at the neighbor's:
See the neighbor dog in the top left of the photo? Reggie didn't bark, he just watched very intently.
Aaaaand back to the porch:

Reggie says, "Come on, let's go." Bingo says, "Nah. You go ahead. I'll stay here."

But then she gets up.

Happy girl.  :-)


Happy boy.

And Bingo eats more snow.
And that catches us up!  I did have a scare with Bingo. There was a knock on the door from my neighbor who says, "Is this your dog?" And there's Bingo standing in the driveway behind her. How did she get out of the fenced-in yard?!!  Well. We had all that snow. Then it melted AND rained and she SLID in the mud under the back gate that goes down to the lake. So I got a long post to block her from doing it again. So far, no more Houdini impressions!

It's snowing again today, so there will be more snowy pix next week!

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