Monday, March 10, 2014

Doggie Monday

This post is going to look suspiciously like last week's post. You know, dogs on the porch:
Bingo overlooking her domain. Reggie says hullo.

Bingo sunning herself.

And then:
SNOW!  AGAIN!  Reggie chows down.


And then Bingo comes out to join him.

Snowy sunrise:

This was a missed photo op! Reggie was on the sofa looking at Tabby, & it looked like they were touching noses. I knew if I got up to get the camera the moment would be gone, but I had to try! So here's Reggie getting down:

And Tabby scratching at the window to come in. 
 Here he is in the office:
That intent look is directed at the squirrels out the window.
 Dogs outside, Tabby on dog bed:

Dogs romping outside:

Reggie tears around the yard.

Bingo follows.

They like to run across the lower deck and under it to the other side and then back across the deck. 
I got Reggie a new antler & put it in his crate. He of course brought it outside. 

 But then!  I'm in the house & I hear Reggie barking-barking-barking. I go outside to find this:
Bingo has stolen Reggie's antler!


Nom nom nom
 So I did retrieve it and give it back to Reggie. However, later:
Bingo has it again!

And back to Reggie. Bingo's not a chewer, but I will get her an antler, too.
Reggie doing his best Winston Churchill imitation.
I love the texture of all the paw prints in the snow:

Hopefully this is the last of the snow! The peeper-frogs have been singing for the past 2 nights, so I think Spring might be here! Or we may end up with a late March or April blizzard. Ha!  

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