Monday, March 9, 2015

Doggie Monday

Here are some things that the dogs respond to in a Pavlovian way:
  • The crinkling of the treat bag--or ANY bag that sounds like a treat bag.
  • Mortar and pestle: I use it to grind up Bingo's Benedryl. I also use it to grind up vitamins to put in my protein shakes. Everyone comes running.
  • "Oh, boy-eee!" What I say when they're getting a T-R-E-A-T.
  • The sound of digging the dog food scoop into the kibble. Even if it's the cat kibble.
  • The sound of the mail truck. Everyday, I know when Mail Carrier Tessa is approaching, and when she's left. The dogs bark for the 3 postboxes before me, and until she passes by and makes it down to the lake. Then they bark when she's on the other side of the lake. This because she very generously greets them with treats any time she comes to the house. 
  • The opening of sardines or any cans. It could be food for them. Even if it's a can of collard greens. They're there at my feet, waiting. 
  • The sound of Dave Dobson or John Morgan or Doug O'Brien saying, "All right, let's get comfortable." It's how I go to sleep or take a nap, with a beach walk. Buddy trots in and settles under the covers and snuggles when he hears me put the CD player on.
  • The opening of jars, because it could be peanut butter!
  • The opening of the bread bag; I'm making toast or grilled cheese. Something that they'll get a taste of! Basically, anytime I turn on the frying pan. 
  • The opening of the fridge.
  • When I back up to the house, they think they're going to Rita's. It doesn't matter if I'm trying to load up the car with recycling, or unloading something. Bottom line: I don't back up the car now unless I'm loading them into the car.
  • When I build a fire in the wood stove, they know I'm planning on being in the living room. They settle in on their beds. Sometimes Buddy will try to sit behind me. So does Tabby Bobcat. He's conditioned, too.
  • Words they know: Breakfast, dinner, food, treat, out, come, belly rubs, bed, bone and "Oh, boy!"
  • I have a song I sing when I'm petting the dogs, so they know that. Buddy starts making snuggley noises when I sing it, now. 
  • When I take my tea pot to the office, they know I'm working. Bingo follows me, and sometimes Buddy. Reggie comes in once I'm at my desk and talking on the phone. 
  • Barricading the back door so Buddy can't get out. I do this before I leave so it means that they can expect that I'll be throwing a handful of dog food down the hall for Bingo, across the kitchen for Buddy, and in a feeder for Reggie. This keeps them busy so essentially, Buddy doesn't run after me.
  • The sound of: putting my coat on, turning off the kitchen light, getting my keys, all these mean I'm leaving the house.
  • Bingo responds to "Walkies!" because it means a trip down to the lake. And when I say, "Bingo-Dingo!" she comes running because it means a treat.

And here are some pix from this week:
Buddy in Reggie's crate with a marrow bone.

Snowy-ish Back Yard

Buddy & Reggie.

Look at Reggie's tail, all curled up!
Looking kind of like Bingo.
But, hullo! It's Reggie:

 Sunning on the Deck
Bingo & Buddy.
He reminds me of Millie, here. His face, and the way his paws are drooping off the side.

RoRo Vizzie
With Bingo.
He is getting so tall!

In The Office
Reggie enters. Buddy-the-rug-hog, & Bingo next to him.

Funny story about this rug--well, the one in the bedroom that looks just like it. Buddy was in bed with me one morning and had his chin on my leg. He stretches over and throws up down the side of the bed and onto the rug. Ewwwww!  I'm glad it's not sheepskin and it's washable! As I was telling this delightful story to John Morgan, he said, "You know from this day forward, that rug will be known as The Throw Up Rug."  Hahahaha

See how he bunches it up into a nest?

Here's Bingo under my desk. She heard some loud noises. 

Some More Pix on The Back Deck 
Buddy & Reggie.

They heard something:

Here's Buddy, down below:

In The Boudoir

All cozy.

Zzzzz . . . .
Whatchya lookin' at, Buddy?

 We had another dusting of snow. I took one photo:
 Here's Buddy licking out the dog food bag:

Sunday was warm and sunny, but I couldn't be bothered to switch to my telephoto lens. So here's Buddy, stretched out against the fence:

I think Spring might be here. HAPPY Monday!  :-) 

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