Monday, March 23, 2015

Doggie Monday

More warmish days, and the dogs spend more time outside. Here are a few pix thru the kitchen window:

See the thought bubble over his head?

Yup. He's going to jump!

See this photo of Reggie? He came trotting into the office covered in leaves and dead grass. I was thinking, "What is he doing to get so filthy?" Keep this in mind as we scroll thru the next few photos. 

Reggie & Buddy play every day:

In the meantime, Bingo:
Back to playing:

"Hey, lookit."
*sniff*   *sniff*

In the meantime, Bingo:

And later, Buddy:

Here's a shot NOT out the window:
Buddy loves to play with the gum tree balls.
On a photography note: rule of thirds, down on
their level, natural light. Nailed it!
Bingo- the-Sphinx:

Aaaaaand back to pix out the kitchen window:

Doing yoga; Snoopy Pose:

And on to Cat Pose:

I don't often get all three dogs in the same photo. They were all having a romp, but Bingo's got a sorta "you kids go and play in the yard, Imma sit on the porch" attitude.

Here's Reggie:

Happy boy!

Bingo & Buddy:

Oh, the toy debris in my the dogs' yard!

This was one of those "natural-organic-unbleached-cotton" blahbitty blah toys:


It's toast.

Stuffing everywhere!

I haven't managed to capture it, but Buddy will run under Reggie sometimes. It's very funny to watch!

"Enough toy, let's play!"

Remember that photo at the beginning of the post? This is Part 1 of the answer.

Captured the ferociousness of a beagle!

"Let me pause to dig."

"Lemme inspect your digging."

This reminds me of the first week I got Reggie, when he caught a rabbit in the yard and ate it. I did not take a photo of that. You're welcome.

Part 2 of why Reggie is covered in yard:

"Oh, hey," you may be thinking. "No boudoir pix? Nothing inside the house?" Okay. I shall oblige. Here we are in the office on a cold-ish day:  

Buddy all nesty on what is affectionally referred to as the Throw Up Rug. 
Because, as you may recall, he threw up on it shortly after I got it. Good times.

Nestled up against Bingo:

And one more, because this is the source of a lot of roo-rooing & woofin' it up:

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