Monday, August 31, 2015

R.I.P. Wayne Dyer

Chiro-sis Ruth called me this morning to tell me that Wayne Dyer died. We last saw him in Baltimore at an I Can Do It! conference. We were walking back after lunch, Bruce Lipton behind us and Wayne coming toward us. I managed to capture their hello:

Here's Wayne & Ruth:

Wayne & me:

Here's Bruce & Wayne together in a talk:

I have a quote journal that I keep. Here are some of my favourite Wayne quotes:

Loving people live in a loving world. Hostile people live in a hostile world. Same world.

With everything that has happened to you, you can either feel sorry for yourself, or treat what has happened as a gift. Everything is either an opportunity to grow, or an obstacle to keep you from growing. The choice is yours. 

The greatest gift you were ever given is your imagination. Within it is the capacity to have all your wishes fulfilled. Look around you. Everything that you can experience with your senses was once in someone's imagination.

I am realistic. I expect miracles.

He wrote many books, but my favourite is the visually stunning, The Power of Intention.  Awesome book. Awesome guy. Sending gratitude for the gift he was in our world.  

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