Monday, September 7, 2015

Personal-Planner Review

In my search for the Perfect Planner, I learned about the Personal-Planner. Out of Sweden, this company lets you create a customized planner with LOTS of choices!  Here's the one I ordered:
The cover was one of their designs, but they have an option to upload your own. The elastic band is also available in different colours.

Here's the inside:

Month-on-two-pages is another option:
Also, look at that book mark/ruler! Also offered in different colours.
Another great feature is that you can customize your own dates; birthdays, anniversaries, etc. They have cute balloon and heart icons.

They have different choices for how you want your week layout, horizontal, vertical or:
Also, at the bottom of the page, you can choose different things to add.
No tabs, but they do have some colour-coding for the months:

Here's the year at a glance. 2017 is also included with important dates.

Here's a removable plastic holder, that you can insert things in from the top:

They have free shipping world wide, which is awesome! 

Here's what I like:
  • Choices for customizing: size, layout, add-ons. 
  • The size is pretty portable.
  • The paper is really sturdy and good quality; no bleed thru from pens.
  • Customizing with personal dates.
  • It's really pretty!
  • Free shipping and the price point is $40 for the A5 size I got; $10 less than a basic Erin Condren.
Here's what I don't like:
  • The month view starts with Monday instead of Sunday. It throws me off.
  • No tabs. I like tabs!  
  • I would like a blank page (at least) in between months for planning.
All in all, it's a really nice planner, but the view of the month is a sticking point for me. My sister really likes it, so I'm going to give it to her. 

Here's a review of the planner that my "cousin" did:

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