Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Carpool Karaoke Fantasy

I really love James Corden and his Carpool Karaoke is brilliant. However, while I appreciate the general idea of Carpool Karaoke, the pop stars who appear on it, are . . . pop-stars.  Apart from wrapping Christmas prezzies in Justin Bieber paper as a joke, I couldn't begin to name or fake-hum along with one of his songs, let alone getting stuck in a car for a medley. Fresh Hell, anyone? I didn't even watch the Mariah Carey one because, honestly?  If she hit one of those screech-owly high notes?  Just the thought makes my teeth hurt.

So here's my fantasy:  Carpool Karaoke hosted by Dom Joly singing to The Cure. And James Corden would be in the way back not singing along because he wouldn't know 100 Years or 3 Imaginary Boys. And then Friday I'm in Love would come on and James would be all gothed-out and singing along because this would be the song he'd know. But Robert Smith would not sing along, because it wouldn't be Friday. Therefore he would not be in love.

Speaking of Friday, I'm in Love . . . here you go, on Monday.  Sorry, Robert.

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