Friday, July 28, 2017


Pioneer Sister's 2 youngest, Violin Gal & Sir Charmer, stayed at Atlasta's for a week. And then I met Pioneer Sister mid-way to take them back home. It turned out that Violin Gal wanted to go back to stay an extra week. So we headed back home and somehow missed our turn. Violin Gal pointed out this BEAUTIFUL church as we drove by, so we turned around and took a looksie.

I wonder what the proper pronunciation is for this name.

So I drove her back home because I was going back to visit the old River House 'hood. (More in the next post)!  Violin Gal found some locust shells in a tree so collected a few. Atlasta put one on the lamp:


We stopped along the way:

Back at the homestead:
Violin Gal planted a few shells around.

Her parakeets:

And here is a new brood:

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