Tuesday, October 31, 2017

New Digi-Kits for DIY Gratitude Journals

I will have a video and accompanying blogpost later, but I wanted to do a quick post about my new digi-kits. I have been keeping a daily Gratitude Journal for over 2 years and I really think that it is the key to happiness. What we appreciate, appreciates with interest and grows and expands our hearts.

NOTE: I have links to each of these kits to my Etsy shop. HOWEVER, the link will first take you to some sort of asinine landing page of other stuff. You have to click the "skip these deals and continue to Etsy.com." 
I really hate that Blogger has done this. You can opt out,
but you have to do it manually on every device. UGH. 
OK, on to the good stuff!

The first one is Thanksgiving/Harvest/Autumn inspired:

More Autumn Harvest, but I HAD to use that feather!

For those who want the florals without the junk journal vibe, this is actually the first one I designed of watercolour flowers in a heart shape:

I didn't want to leave out anyone who wasn't into the lace doilies and florals. I recently scored on some old books of Italian marbled paper, so these are the dudes (and dudettes) who want a more classic look to a journal: 

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