Saturday, October 7, 2017

Strip The Willow

Growing up, we used to push the table to the side of the room and do Scottish country dancing in our kitchen, under the direction of my mother with a scratchy record of Jimmy Shand And His Band. We performed it at school for a presentation, and it was part of all my major milestones; turning 21, my wedding, and my 40th birthday party. My mother went around to each table with a typical Mum clap-for-attention and announced, "All right, everyone!  We'll be stripping in 5 minutes!"

A new gal who had just started working with me came to the party. She said to me later, "I didn't know what to think when your mother said we were stripping. I thought, 'What kind of family IS this?!'"  Hahahaha

It has been a difficult week. And on top of it all, Mum's ashes came from the Anatomical Society where she had donated her body. We are approaching the second anniversary of her death. Sometimes it seems so long ago, and sometimes it feels so now

I don't know where that Jimmy Shand record is, but it's the 21 century, and I found him online. 

And one more:

And a waltz:

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