Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Tree Shruggers

I love trees; for their beauty and variety and part in the delicate ecosystem of our world. They are the lungs of the planet and habitat for birds and squirrels and all manner of critters. I especially love a tree-lined country road . . . 

through different seasons and light and weather . . .

This particular road is to a friend's house. Here are some cows:

You can imagine my shock when I drove down this same lovely, shady stretch to see this:

Clear cutting everything. Some of those trees  are were 100+ years old. 

Are they going to use the wood for furniture, perhaps? Or at least the smaller trees for winter wood; fireplaces and woodstoves? 


Burning these HUGE piles of wood IN THE RAIN:

What a waste. The irony?  They put up a bird feeder. 
You know. For all the birds whose habitats they just destroyed.
You've heard of Tree Huggers?  
I'm calling these people Tree Shruggers.
"Trees?  Meh. Who needs 'em?"
Yeah. That's what I'm calling them--
which is nicer than what I was calling them before.

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