Thursday, February 1, 2007

From Dungeony basement to art studio

This is a belated but v. sincere THANK YOU to my mother for helping me create an art space to paint my labyrinth canvases. As we started, we found an open window. Before you read the next bit, imagine Mum sounding like Mary Poppins. OK, here's the dialogue:

Me: A snake could come through an open window.
Mum: Snakes are hybernating right now.
Me: They only hybernate because it's cold and they freeze. The basement is warm and toasty.

[And THEN! Just as I say that, I see a snake in the corner!]

Me: See? Here's a snake!
Mum: It's not. It's just the skin. [She picks up this petrified, black THING]
Me: Mum, you can see the spine. LOOK! Right there! THIS [pointing to wispy-dangly strand] is the skin!
Mum: Well! It's not alive!
Me: What gave that away? The fact that it's petrified into a permanent "S" or that it's missing its head?
Mum: Oh, shut up.

I could not & would not have tackled the basement without her. THANKS, MUM. I LOVE YOU.

P.S. And thanks to Terry for installing dehumidifyers & sump pumps to keep things dry & warm. :-) You're the BEST, Jerry!

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