Sunday, February 4, 2007

Purple Cow Labyrinth

I got some pretty purple parachute fabric when I was at the fabric store, so I played with a smaller labyrinth. This one measures 5 X 6 1/2 feet & is a variation on the Yoga East labyrinth. The lanes are 8 inches wide and it has a separate entrance & exit for multiple walkers.
Purple is my favourite colour. I used gold metallic paint and then had some extra space so I put a drawing of a purple cow in there for fellow purple cowgirls, poetry, & Seth Godin fans. And then! I did a layer of glow-in-the-dark paint, which doesn't really translate for the photo. I just created an eBay account & listed it. And it doesn't pop up under searches for "purple cow", "labyrinth" or the obvious "purple cow labyrinth" Hehhhh... and then I had to go through a labyrinth (ha ha except I'm not kidding & it would be funny except it's not) just to reach the "contact us" button. So when I find my listing, I'll add a link. Bidding starts at $25....

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