Thursday, February 22, 2007

Miss Ruthie

Today is Miss Ruthie's birthday. We worked together at Hobby Horse Montessori Childcare Center before it closed. She has since come to own her own center, Teacher's Pet. She has been my expert on children and animals for the past 17 years and I would credit her with much of my success in both those arenas. She lives on a farm and through the years we had a steady stream of different animals; goats, sheep, puppies & kittens come to visit.
One day Miss Ruthie was walking out to the barn and saw a sweater lying by a mud puddle. But when she walked over to get it, it wasn't a sweater! It was a newborn lamb. So into the house it came and back and forth to school. The bankteller at the drivethru gave her a dog biscuit when she saw the lamb in the seat next to her. Of course she would think it was a dog. Who would have a lamb in the front seat? Miss Ruthie, of course.
Another time Miss Ruthie received a phone call from a telemarketer. When she replied, "I'm fine today. How are you?" The telemarketer burst into tears and poured out a sad story about an unexpected pregnancy. She had called the right person. Miss Ruthie gave her just the assurance & support she needed, without buying any office supplies.

I've learned so much from Miss Ruthie. I think one of the greatest gifts she has given is KINDNESS:
Kindness even when you don't feel it.
Kindness even when you don't think the other person deserves it.
Kindness when it's not appreciated.
Kindness even when it's mistaken for a lack of intelligence.
Kindness JUST's the right thing to do.
THANK YOU, Miss Ruthie for your kindness and friendship through these years. I LOVE YOU.

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