Sunday, March 11, 2007

Presentation is Everything

Many moons ago in college, I took a Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain class. One of the things I learned was that anyone can draw. All it takes is to learn to see as an artist sees, and then you can draw what you see. Since then I've gone on to other artistic endeavors, but that basic class has served me well--and was an introduction on learning and the brain. I found these drawings in an art pad when I was cleaning the basement with Mum. They are not my drawings but Terry's after I told him he needed to get a hobby. And no, I didn't model. He copied from a book. And no, I didn't tear the heads off--he just drew the bodies. An art therapist would have a field day with that...but being a chiropractor, of course he would draw spines! Anyway, I dolled them up with red & gold tissue paper & painted the frames. This is my favourite one.

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