Monday, March 5, 2007


This year I started going to church again. I've gone to Unity by the Bay on & off for many years & there's a new-to-me minister there, Mahala, who is such a gift. She lives a good distance from the church, so every first Sunday, we have a guest minister/speaker. I almost didn't go to church yesterday because I adore Mahala so much. In fact, before church I was in the little bookstore buying CD's of her past talks so that I can listen to her in the car.
However, I'm so grateful that I did go. I sat entranced listening to our guest, Charlette Manning. What a BEAUTIFUL spirit she has! One of the things she talked about was the difference between expecting and asking. Asking has the energy of hope. Expecting has the energy of faith. I choose FAITH. I'm now reading her book, The Ingredients to Spiritual Peace (forgiveness, faith, gratitude, & love). AWESOME stuff!
I am so grateful to have such inspired people in my life. THANK YOU!!! :-) H.

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