Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Tesla & Turkey Guts

This is a fascinating over-my-head interview with retired army officer Lt. Col. Tom Bearden about the work of Nikola Tesla. It's well-known within some circles that Tesla was the real inventor of the radio along with a bunch of other Star Trekkian technology--we still haven't caught up with this genius. Mr. Bearden talks about the work of French scientist Antoine Preori (spelling?) who cured terminal tumors in rats with Tesla-based technology. He goes into weapons implications but also healing--including distance healing. He also tells how to create clean non-nuclear, fossil-fuel-free energy. Awesome stuff!

And now for turkey guts...this is an answer to our plugged-up landfills and dependence on foreign oil--or fossil fuels, for that matter. This place transforms turkey guts & other waste products into oil. OIL! Way cool.

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