Saturday, September 26, 2009

My New-Old Dogs

I've had a couple false starts with getting a new dog, after Barkley & Remi; and when I was on Petfinder looking for rottweilers, I thought, MAY-beeee with a couple. And then. THEN! I saw Margaret & Millie, 2 labweilers like Barkley & Remi. I emailed Miss Ruthie with my choices. She wrote back,

I think it would be wonderful to give M & M a chance to have a new life with you. They look wonderful and are attached to each other like Remi and Barkley. I would think that before you make your decision, you should make an appointment to visit with them for awhile.

Just talking to their foster Mom, Mari, I knew they were coming home with me. SO SWEET.

Mari Saying Goodbye.


Taking a walk; step-step-plop 'n' rest.

Chillaxin by the labyrinth.

THANK YOU AARF for letting me have M & M retire to the country with me. I am SO HAPPY to have them here with me! We had our first vet visit with Dr. Clark yesterday, and he kept saying what wonderful dogs they are. YES. Yes, they are. Here's to dog slobber and drool and the messiness that is doggie LOVE! :-) H.


Anonymous said...

I am freinds with Mari through rescue and she shared you blog with me so I could see M & M. Made my eyes very wet to see the girls will go spend their last days/months/years happy in a great home before they go on to the rainbow bridge. Thank you for giving these girls such a great life!
Sandi Barrett

Hali Chambers said...

Hi Sandi! Nice to meet you. There were so many wonderful people pulling for these girls to get a permanent home, & I'm so glad no one gave up.

They are sitting in my office with me on their beds, snoozing away as I write this! All the BEST, :-) H.