Thursday, September 2, 2010


Nametag Guy, Scott Ginsberg has a new book coming out: -able: 35 Strategies for Increasing the Probability of Success in Business & in Life.

" can’t make anything happen – but you can (greatly) increase the probability of that thing happening ... by making yourself more '-able.'"

He gives some examples of -able:

Advanceable. Addictable. Bookable. Brandable. Breakable. Buyable. Buzzable. Callbackable. Checkbookable. Discoverable. Engageable. Googleable. Invokable. Meetable. Nameable. Needable. Non-nextable. Openable. Pursuable. Referable. Requestable. Retweetable. Revisitable. Sellable. Show-Up-Able. Sought-after-able. Spreadable. Successable. Superiorable. Trustable. Unbullshittable. Unequalable. Yessable.

And then he challenges readers on his blog to create  their own -able.

My first thought was comfort-able. On my relaxation CDs, I begin with an homage to Dave Dobson:

All right, let's get comfortable.

But that wasn't quite right. As a massage & hypnotherapist, I help people to de-stress. Ah-ha! De-stress-able!

Hmmm . . . yeah, but . . . I don't like the stress word in there, because I facilitate relaxation. Ah-ha! Relax-able! Yeah . . . that's good. I could go with that. Except . . .

I want it to be more than that. In addition to massage clients, I also lead seminars. I don't want my clients or students to feel just relaxed. Relaxed is good, sure. But more than that, I want them to feel at ease. Think about it: when you feel at ease, things are easier, aren't they? Little upsets remain little, instead of blowing up. Isn't the world a better place when you feel at ease?  That's right. So here's my word: at-ease-able. Because when you feel better, you do better. Feeling at ease embodies relaxation & comfort. More than that, it's not just a physical sensation, it encompasses a sense of mental & emotional ease. In work, with friends and fam--

All right, let's get comfortable at-ease-able.  :-)

P.S. Click here for a chance to get a free copy of ~able, and create your own word. As Scott might say,  LET ME ASK YA THIS: What's YOUR -able?

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