Friday, September 3, 2010

Funny Friday: Convo with Mum

Hurricane Earl Convo
Me: Are you keeping track of the hurricane?
Mum: Oh, that's just on the east coast.
Me: You do know we live on the east coast.
Mum: Well, when I think of coast, I think of the actual coast.
Mum: Like the ocean.
Mum: Like in North Carolina.
Me: Well we're spozed to be in for some rain.
Mum: Oh!
Me: Time to fill the bath tub with water.
Mum: Do you have fans?
Me: Fans?
Mum: You know. In case the power goes out.
Me: Um . . .
Mum: You'll be very hot without the AC.
Me: But if the power goes out, how would fans help? They need electricity.
Mum: [laughter]

Yoga Convo
Let me preface this by saying that Mum has always been v. active & athletic. She goes to the gym & "pumps iron" regularly. Not to mention that last Saturday she was participating in a black belt promotion. But when she told me she was going to try a new yoga class at the gym . . . well,  yoga is a bit . . . sedate. But she promised to call after class with a report.

Mum: I just cahn't tie my body into a pretzel. It just won't go where it's supposed to go.
Me: Yeah, I was wondering how you'd like it.
Mum: Well, I can do the standing things. The warrior pose, that's all right. But I don't like getting on the floor.
Me: The floor?
Mum: Yes, you know. Lying on my back, trying to do the archy things.
Me: The archy things.
Mum: Yes. But I must say, for something that goes so slowly, you really feel like you've had a workout. My legs just won't bend that way.

And yes, she's going back for another class.

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