Friday, May 13, 2011

Artie's Birthday

We grew up in my family taking karate with Arthur Drago at the Front Royal Karate Club. Well. I took it for 2 years and dropped out. [insert laughter from Mum] Anyway, it was Artie's 70th birthday May 1st, so here are a few pix from his party.

Card I made for Artie. This is the logo for his school.

Inside of card. Pop-up!

Me, Artie, & Mum. I'm the only non-blackbelt is this trio.
I took several pix of Artie with chiro-sister; most with Artie looking like this:

But I finally got a cute 'n' cuddly one:

Mum's calligraphy is all over the dojo:

This was from one of Artie's students:

Chiro-sister comes up to me & says, "You have to go to the bathroom! The SIGN is still there!"

It's been there since we were teenagers! 30+ years.
Birthday Hug from Mama Drago, 93 years young!

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