Monday, May 2, 2011

M&M Monday

Millie, Preventer of Sleep

Here she is, spilling off her bed . . . 

The problem comes when she finds the ONE tiny spot of bare floor to get stuck on:

So I move the furniture out of the way:

And I maneuvered a dog bed under her and scooted her back onto the carpet. She followed me into the kitchen while I was doing dishes, and lay down.  *sigh*  She wouldn't get back up and when I went and sat down in the living room, she started barking. So I got the rug from the laundry room and scooted it under her. The rug is staying in the kitchen so that if she wants to join me for dish washing or cooking, she can. She has just this week started barking for no apparent reason if she's alone. Well, that's why she's barking, I guess! So last night I went to bed & Maggie followed. Millie stayed in the living room and  . . .  BARKED. She wouldn't come to the bedroom, she wouldn't budge. So I ended up sleeping on the sofa. She lay next to me on her dog bed and I Reikied her. I hope I can sleep in my bed tonight!

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