Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

Chiro-sister got Mum a T-shirt; very appropriate of a stick figure pumping iron. Like Mum.

Here's the card she sent Mum:

Click on the image to embiggen. Hys. Ter. Ical.
Mum's collection of Mother's Day cards.
I've been playing with pop-up cards, so here's the one I did for Mum:

Back in the '80's, we used to wear men's paisley pajamas accessorized with rosaries & bangles. My mother said, "I hope you don't tell people who you ARE when you go out in public like that." So I went out to the front porch & shouted, "Hey, everyone! I'm Anne Holliday's daughter!" So it's sort of a family joke. "BNO" is short for "Blessing Number One." You'll note that chiro-sister signed hers "BN2" for "Blessing Number 2." Brother Atlasta is BN3, & so-on.

The flowers are the pop-up part. I used decorative damask scrapbook paper for the background, & a picture of flowers on top of a cake from O Magazine.

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