Monday, August 1, 2011

M&M Monday

I have a total of 7 dog beds; 3 in the LR, 2 in the bedroom, & 2 in the office. Aaaaand . . .

Do they lie on them???  Not really. 

Well, sometimes.  Let's just let sleeping dogs lie.

Millie fell asleep and her ear was hanging over her water bowl. Her ear would start drooping & touch the water & she would flick it back up out of the water. I tried to get it on video, but no luck. It was v. funny, tho.

Here's Maggie by my feet. As per usual.  :-)
And here's Millie at one of her favourite spots:

Whatcha lookin' at, Mil?

One of the twins. SO SWEET.
Here's Maggie out on the porch:

As long as Tabby's away from the food/water bowls, Maggie's friendly. 

Tabby, on the other hand, is a bit suspicious of her intentions.
And later, out the window:

Turkeys!  Again. The chicks are getting big.  :-)

It's like Millie's version of TV.

Turkeys AND deer!

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