Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Red Chair

Back in my married life, I went car shopping with the husband. He evaluated cars based on--wait for it-- the number of cup holders. Such a guy thing. So it was funny when we found a chair with cup holders. The chair has been Mum's spot when she comes for a vizzie & we have a Drop Dead Diva or Frasier Fest. And now with my move to the new house, it's finding its new home in Mum's LR. Friends John & Mel came over to drop off some furniture & pick up the chair:

John & Mel loading up.

But not before we labeled the cup holders:

John pushed the cup holder part down & said, "This is the ejector button." So we labeled it.
And the other one, of course:

V. appropriate!
Here's Mum with the chair in its new spot:

All ready for a movie fest!

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