Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Labyrinth Journal

UPDATE: If you went to the Etsy site to buy The Labyrinth Journal & it was marked "Sold," I've now rectified that & you can buy it now.  [Just getting started with the shop, working out the kinks, learning curve, whatnot]  Thanks, Susan!  :-) H.

For years I've been making labyrinth journals for friends, ever since I created my own walking labyrinth in the backyard. So this year I've created The Labyrinth Journal for everyone: labyrinth enthusiasts, writers, creative & non-creative types.

It's a 72-page DIY pdf that you can download & print for yourself.  In it I've included:
  • Labyrinths: Cretan / Classical, Chartres Cathedral, & 4 original designs: heart, ocean wave, butterfly, & pine/Christmas tree labyrinths
  • How to draw your own labyrinths free-hand or with a compass
  • How to USE labyrinths with intention to create what you want in your life.
  • The Journal part: thoughtful journal prompts, inspirational quotes, & easy-peasy-non-drawing art activities to jazz up your journal. Get as colourful & fancy-pants as you want.
  • Resources for websites, books, etc. on labyrinths, personal development, etc.
  • 2012 calendar, along with December 2011
The journal is designed to encourage you to journal everyday, not in a stressed-out, gotta do one more thing kinda way, but as a creative prompting. Doing something consistently, if only for 5 minutes, helps to prime the pump. It's like turning on the faucet of flowing creativity. 

You can use the cover provided, or gussy up & personalize this one. 
Like this:
Done with layers of coloured pencils.

So here's the deal: from now until the last day of Christmas [waiting for you to do Christmas math in your head] on Jan. 6th, I'm selling The Labyrinth Journal in my Etsy shop for $4.95. 'member when paperbacks were only $4.95? Ah, the good ol' days. Well, I'm nostalgic like that. 

I also will have a Labyrinth Journal page. I invite you to send photos of your labyrinths to display here.  Here's to 2012: HAPPY Journaling!

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