Monday, December 5, 2011

Maggie on Monday

We've had some frosty mornings, but not days-on-end winter, yet. Autumn is definitely at the end; the leaves are off the trees, as evidenced by my driveway & yard.

Maggie hanging out. Brother Atlasta came over & cut off  the top part of the railing so that Maggie could see over. She didn't like that top rail in the way. Atlasta says it's natural for animals to want to look over when they're up high. She was used to looking over to the left at the River House. Step-step-step, stop 'n' look.


Watching Tabby Bobcat.

Tabby Bobcat watching something--prolly a squirrel.
Sunday Morning:

Coming down the ramp.

Hey! Wha' happened to all the leaves? Lawnmower Paul came on Saturday.

Maggie goes to investigate.

And looks for a place to nestle in. She really liked her leaves! I got some scissors to prune that prickly bush she's sitting next to, but she didn't appreciate all the snippy-snippy of it, so she moved . . . 

Over here. Next to a fire grate & hammer that Lawnmower Paul unearthed during the Deleafing Fest.

Back up the ramp. 

Cozy on the porch. This is where I sit when Maggie's outside. See the broom by the door? This is where Fisherman Willie would say I keep it there for a quick get-away. Hahaha  
I was webcamming with XM Radio Guy & he was asking how Maggie is doing. She's still picky about her food, and I'm hand feeding her at times. I'm making chicken soup for her. On Friday afternoon I drove to a vet in Midlothian to get some samples of Honest Kitchen, a raw dog food. It was an 80 minute round trip, which is spit compared to what I used to drive. Anyway, glad I got the samples because she is not a fan. So XM Radio Guy does an imitation of me:

"Now I'm chewing her food for her and feeding her like a mother bird."
"Her kidneys aren't working, so I'm using mine to filter hers."

Hahahaha  She's as cheerful as ever, but I'd like her to gain a bit more weight.

She has this funny little habit of waiting until I'm in the shower to start barking. So I get out--is someone at the door? Do you need to go out? Do you need water, food, what?  It took a while for me to notice that this was a pattern. So now I just expect her to bark when she hears the shower. And then she settles in the hallway by the bathroom door.  *sigh*  Funny girl.

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